ST. CLAIR ENERGY ASSOCIATES LLC provides independent business consulting services to the energy industry focused on the restructured and deregulated retail markets. We offer clients consulting and training services that use advanced analytical techniques combined with a broad understanding of the entire value chain in natural gas and electricity markets. Our analytical depth and wide market knowledge have combined to successfully prosecute many projects, including:

  • Analyzed electric open access programs in several states for margin opportunity for a utility-affiliated energy service company; we recommended participating in a couple of programs and advised against participating in several other programs. We have performed this service in both natural gas and electricity many times for many of our clients.

  • Developed several tools for analyzing customer interval data and measuring potential savings under retail open access for an independent energy service provider. We have performed this service in both natural gas and electricity many times for many of our clients.

  • Developed a business model for a start-up retail electric energy service provider for a combination utility, and then staffed and executed the plan.

  • Designed an entire rate book, developed an economic model, and submitted testimony and analyses to the state utility commission for a new natural gas utility being developed by a large electric utility.
Our target clients include a variety of interests, ranging from electric, gas and combination utilities and their affiliates; independent energy services companies; commercial and industrial energy users; and the panoply of firms and agencies that provide various services to these companies. We also work with other consultants, specialists and technicians if and when the need arises in order to provide the best and most thorough work product and service available.

Our service offerings include:

Retail Markets Services: This practice area focuses on providing relevant, experience-based services to energy companies involved in supplying electric and/or natural gas under retail access tariffs to large commercial and industrial customers, and residential and small commercial mass markets. Principal areas of emphasis include Market Analysis, Evaluation of ESCO Operations, Acquisition/Valuation Analysis, and Business Start-Up.   More...

Advanced Analytical Services: Our Advanced Analytical Services practice area focuses on performing complex modeling and analyses for clients in several key area of the business, including Consumption and Load Analysis, Financial Risk Management Analysis, and Project Modeling and Analyses.   More...

Training Services: We offer four rigorous courses to energy professionals, usually conducted at your place of business, including Basic Electricity, Basic Natural Gas, Risk Management, and Retail Product Development.   More...


Our team of professionals has analytically deep and market wide experience to successfully add value to client organizations. These professionals possess positive, established reputations in each individual's respective area of expertise: energy marketing and sales, supply acquisition, customer service, power operations, rate analysis, risk mitigation, business planning, energy finance and credit. All of our professionals have significant experience developing new businesses and growing existing businesses in the energy field. These individuals have successfully achieved for their clients and previous employers what they can now achieve for you. The following are biographical sketches of the principals.

Steven M. Malkiewicz, Managing Director
D. Curtis Churchman, Director


Mr. Malkiewicz has been a participant in the utilities/energy industry during his entire twenty-year career and serves as Managing Director and founder of St. Clair Energy Associates LLC. His experience is a unique blend of financial and analysis assignments, with strategic and operational responsibilities, including helping to establish and build several new businesses participating in restructured energy markets. This background has provided him with a broad understanding of the energy markets, in-depth knowledge of quantitative methods, and hands-on experience with implementation.

Among his many consulting engagements, Mr. Malkiewicz has worked with a utility-affiliated energy services company to help them maximize their unregulated energy trading and marketing operations; performed a market study, economic analysis and designed an entire rate book for a new natural gas distributor set up by a large combination gas and electric utility; appraised a west coast energy marketing book of business; and analyzed electric and gas choice tariffs and programs to identify profit opportunities for several independent energy services companies. He has also advised many utilities and energy services firms on a variety of issues, including risk management in a retail environment and the progress of energy deregulation in several states.

He has also founded or assisted in forming and building several retail ventures, most recently helping to establish a retail electricity supplier in the Midwest, which targets commercial and industrial customers. Mr. Malkiewicz had hands-on responsibilities in starting and building the business, including pricing strategies, customer load analysis, assessing potential customer savings under open access, extending credit to customers, commodity position analysis, and normal treasury and accounting functions. It has met with much success and is now one of the largest suppliers in its operating territories.

Mr. Malkiewicz began his career as an auditor and consultant at Arthur Andersen in the Chicago and Detroit offices. His energy industry clients included a coal mining company, a synthetic fuels project (in North Dakota), several gas distributors, two oil and gas exploration companies, and an independent power producer. Mr. Malkiewicz also served as a senior officer of SEMCO Energy, a gas distributor and marketer in Michigan.

Mr. Malkiewicz is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Eastern Michigan University. He is married and resides with his wife and five children in Tampa, Florida.

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Mr. Churchman has broad experience in the energy industry, with principal expertise and focus on natural gas markets, including supply procurement, interstate transportation, and wholesale trading. In addition, he works with commercial and industrial end users and utilities developing supply strategies for retail markets. Mr. Churchman also consults in matters related to natural gas supply negotiation and service related issues, electric energy consumption, distributed power, bypass and avoided cost strategies.

Mr. Churchman's background and experience uniquely qualify him to serve clients in these functional areas. He has participated in the evolution of deregulated natural gas markets throughout the previous fifteen years in several positions of increasing responsibility. As Director of Midwest Marketing at SEMCO Energy, he was responsible for natural gas trading and marketing in the upper Midwest to wholesale clients, and maintained relationships with production area suppliers and every major utility in the region, generating sales of approximately $4 million on 50,000 mmbtu/day in volumes. Mr. Churchman specialized in capturing low-risk margin opportunities using capacity releases, underground storage and buy/sell and swap arrangements with the utilities and large energy users in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.

Mr. Churchman has a Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Sociology (double major) from Indiana University. In his volunteer work, he serves as Vice Board Chair/Marketing Director of the Buselli Wallarab Jazz Orchestra. He is married and resides in Indianapolis, IN.

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